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Artistes du Rouillacais 2017

There will also be an exhibition of artists' work in Rouillac 16170, where I live. This will be in the Vingt Sept cultural centre and will feature artists living and working in Rouillac, so I will be exhibiting a few of my works there also.  There is an opening evening tonight, 11 May 18:00H and the exhibition will run until Les Sarabandes in June, which this year is in Rouillac.  Les Sarabandes is a festival of art and culture which has been running for many years in the Rouillac area, originally held at the Ferme Bouchard and the amphitheatre, but then changed to visit a different village each year.  Well worth a visit as there is much going on.

16th Symposium of Sculpture, Fléac  -  19 - 21 May 2017

16th Symposium of Sculpture - 19-21 May 2017

I will be participating once again at this event and would recommend it to anyone interested in Sculpture or Art. Its a great weekend to see artists at work, as all the sculptors work in the walkway between the church and the chateau, so one can watch their works develop and even vote for the one you think is the best for the theme.  Also their are artists painting around the same area, but they can even be found down by the river below the chateau or in the gardens of the Mairie.  The weather looks to be hotting up, so hope to see lots of people coming along. Refreshments available and an exhibition in the chateau also.


I have not been able to hold any sculpture or life drawing classes, but looking forward to the summer and a return of my energies, so keep an eye out for further news.  Please do still contact me with any requests for information regarding courses, commissions etc., and visit me when the weather is warmer!!