Stone Sculpture 

Stone, the material that man has utilised for millennia for housing,weapons and tools, then as a medium for expressing his innermost thoughts through creativity.  Fashioning stone is an intrinsic part of the human being.



Stone, a material which has a sculpture hidden away inside every block!  The trick is extracting it; carefully teasing it out, until you have before you a totally unique and exquisite work of creative art.  When attacking it with hammer and chisel stone must be  treated with respect though or it will bite back, weeks of painstaking work can be lost in an instant through a misplaced edge or badly struck blow. 

Exasperating, beguiling, often a charlatan, stone is a tricky medium to master, but it is deeply rewarding when carved through to fruition.  A work in stone is something to be truly proud of and if you attend one of my courses you will gain the knowledge and confidence to be well on the way to gaining the life changing ability of carving in stone. Don't hold back!

Portrait sculpture

Examples of my portraiture.  All portraits are modelled in clay, by hand, preferably from life.  The finished head is cast using traditional methods but with modern materials.  This enables me to make the finished sculpture in a variety of materials to suit all budgets.  For an affordable, beautifully finished bust, durable resin composites can be pigmented to represent terracotta and stone or patinated to represent bronze or various metals.  Or the mold can be used to create the wax  necessary to go down the lengthy and more expensive route of  'cire perdue' (lost wax) thus creating a truly superb bronze sculpture for future generations to enjoy. 


Clay modelling before casting